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Friday, November 2nd, 2012
4:02 pm
откланена рецензентом статья в журнал Appl. Phys Lett.
Добрый день, коллеги.

У моих коллег была откланена рецензентом статья в журнал Appl. Phys Lett.. Причем видно, что резензент пренадлежит к "конкурирующей фирме" и статья отланена не правомерно. Коллеги хотят писать письмо в редакцию с просьбой пересмотрения статьи и смене рецензента. У кого нибудь был подобный- положительный или отрицательный опыт? не обязательно связанный с этим журналом, а в целом. Поделитесь.

Спасибо заранее.
Thursday, October 16th, 2008
11:24 am
Invitation to submit work to a new variety webzine, Synchronized Chaos
Hi everyone, I invite all the artists in this community, and anyone else you may know, to submit artwork or writing to our new literary/artistic/cultural/nature and travel writing/scientific webzine Synchronized Chaos!

Information on the zine and how to submit, from the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20763137372&ref=mf :

This is all of our new brainchild, an art/cultural/literary/scientific/social commentary/essay webzine tentatively called "Synchronized Chaos" (referring to some kind of not-obviously-apparent logic that emerges spontaneously from randomnity, basically a fun way to have a theme without having a theme.)

Sort of a way to help the aspiring artists we constantly meet to get their names out there and spotlight some excellent work which should have an audience but the artists don't want to go through the publication process. And to give people committed to worthwhile causes a way to speak out or to use their personal experiences to educate others.

Everyone's invited to submit (and everything should be accepted, unless it's obscene or hateful). If you are interested please send a submission via email anytime this summer. We're working towards setting up a regular editing board and designating people to handle certain kinds of submissions, but for now you may use my email, cedeptula@sbcglobal.net

We're online at http://www.synchchaos.com with a lovely format designed by Tabitha Smith (http://www.tabithagracesmith.com) and invite you to check it out!

We are not a paying market as of yet but hope to become one as we grow and sell advertising and/or host contests. The magazine's online contents will remain free to provide artists and writers with the greatest level of exposure possible.

So far we have received a good variety of submissions, and look forward to more! We're also chaos_zine on LJ and would be a publishing credit for any visual artist or writer to put on his/her bio or proposal or resume.

You may either pitch or send a completed product (attachments OK but prefer writing or thumbnails or JPEG images pasted in the body of the email.) Please put "Synchronized Chaos Submission" in the subject line and please feel free to include an artist statement or bio if you would like.

Also - our magazine is as much about building community and relationships with artists as it is about publication. We'd be happy to see artists and writers post and chat with each other in chaos_zine or on the Facebook page and would be glad to comment/critique or dialogue with you about your work if you would like.
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
6:32 am
Sharing info I got from someone I know.

I feel I should share this information about false results with everyone here. I wasn't sure of whether I should post the actual thing here, and so I thought it better to link to my post. I've kept the comments screened there in case anyone comments.


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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
12:17 pm
Грустно весьма (особам мнительным и меланхоличным не читать!)
Об этом странном, но вполне закономерном явлении я узнал пару лет назад, когда готовился к конференции EVA. Один из ключевых вопросов той конференции касался доступности культурного наследия. Изначально предполагалось, что стоит выложить в Интернет репродукции находящихся в музеях мира картин (к примеру), как общество тут же начнет «культурно просвещаться». Однако на практике этого не произошло: пользователи Интренет не спешили (и не спешат до сих пор) посещать соответствующие сайты. Получается, информация есть, но она не востребована теми, для кого предназначалась.
Подробнее...Collapse )
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
2:59 am
Часа два выяснял, как же надо оформлять ссылки на электронные ресурсы на иностранных языках. Ни ГОСТ 7.1-2003, ни ГОСТ 7.82-2001 не годятся ни к чёрту. В них нет ни слова, ни примера. В общем, по крупицам насобирал вот на что:

i) Shaumyan, S. Two Paradigms of Linguistics: The Semiotic Versus Non-Semiotic Paradigm [Electronic resource] / S. Shaumyan // Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics. 1998. Sept. 19. — 78 p. — Available: http://fccl.ksu.ru/issue001/spring.98/shaum003.pdf. — [Date of release: 19 September 1998; date of access: 19 August 2005]. — Title from the screen.
ii) Sypniewski, B. P. An Introduction to Applicative Universal Grammar [Electronic resource] / B. P Sypniewski. — 64 p. — Available: http://elvis.rowan.edu/~bps/ling/introAUG.pdf. — [Date of release: (31 January) 2000; date of access: 24 August 2005]. — Title from the screen.

Осталась пара вопросов:
1. что писать: "available" или "mode of access"?
2. что соотвтетствует русскому "Загл. с экрана" (как-то сомнительно выглядит "title from the screen")
3. как давать даты? Так: (DD month YYYY) или так: (Month, DD YYYY)?
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
5:48 pm
Live, online forum for author questions, style help, etc?
Hi, all! As part of a graduate research project, I'd like to pose a question to any of you working in a peer-reviewed journal environment. Have you ever heard of, considered, or perhaps even used any form of online synchronous communication to deal with author questions, complaints, etc? This could be anything from generic instant messaging, to a centralized multi-user chat room, to a more structured type of program such as "LiveHelp" (often used by university libraries to answer questions for students online, in real time). Just curious as to the various ways in which we're all communicating with authors, other than via the standard phone calls, faxes, and emails.

I would love to hear from anyone who's heard of, or used, such a medium (and also from those of you who think it's a ludicrous, awful idea that ought to be banished hastily from the minds of journal staff everywhere). ;-P If you're feeling charitable and want to help out, drop me a line here or at xotical@yahoo.com. C'mon, you know you wanna say *something* . . .

Thursday, November 10th, 2005
6:39 pm


Let me know what you think about TRANSGENIC ART.
Comment in my journal.

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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
2:02 pm
Say as chemist - What are your favorite journals to publish in?
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