Jess (i_sanguinity) wrote in scijournal,

Live, online forum for author questions, style help, etc?

Hi, all! As part of a graduate research project, I'd like to pose a question to any of you working in a peer-reviewed journal environment. Have you ever heard of, considered, or perhaps even used any form of online synchronous communication to deal with author questions, complaints, etc? This could be anything from generic instant messaging, to a centralized multi-user chat room, to a more structured type of program such as "LiveHelp" (often used by university libraries to answer questions for students online, in real time). Just curious as to the various ways in which we're all communicating with authors, other than via the standard phone calls, faxes, and emails.

I would love to hear from anyone who's heard of, or used, such a medium (and also from those of you who think it's a ludicrous, awful idea that ought to be banished hastily from the minds of journal staff everywhere). ;-P If you're feeling charitable and want to help out, drop me a line here or at C'mon, you know you wanna say *something* . . .

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